An Eye for an Eye

by Tyler Milchmann




released March 18, 2013

Original Versions appear on the Tyler Milchmann CD 'Strange Days' from bugs crawling out of people

Artwork by Darina Medoeva


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



bugs crawling out of people Toronto, Ontario

With a wide range of music, Canadian Industrial label doesn't follow any trends or style. The point is to release high quality music that goes beyond. From dark ambient, to brutal noise, from EBM to breakcore. Bugs Crawling out of People sees no limit.

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Track Name: An Eye for an Eye
That was a hazy chilly morning at the end of fall
They surrounded his asylum, this time he was alone
The howl of sirens proclaims their glorious victory
They took his pride, they need his life
And what they want, they always get,
Got used to daunt. He rots in bed
He’s maimed with scars, he thirsts and starves
He’s sick and tired of pallid stars being uninspired
It drizzled down on them from the gray sky
“It’s gasoline!”
And there he is, staggering out of house
Fire flows from his eyes
He smiled at them, it was his last turn…
Burn, motherfuckers, burn!
Burn, Burn, Burn… Burn
What a luck to be alone
No need to hide and run
You have won, now have some fun
You wanna get me?
You wanna reach me?
So here I am
We’re on a pitch, bitch
Your death will break
Her will, her heart
Another owns your wife in your big house
Dead boyfriend never comes
Your kid asks where his dad is. He’s dead now
You can feel pain too!
And even you sometimes die
An eye for an eye
An eye for an eye
Flaming torches yell and run
Burn, burn, one by one
Smoking bodies smoking cute
Welcome to the barbecue
Brigantia bares her feeding breast
Blaze strokes me, devours the rest
Brought to bay, deprived of chances
Slain, insane, engaged to vengeance
Burn your oppressors down
You favorites of the sun
Taking causalities
Don’t think about who loses, who wins
Keep striking, stand and fight
An eye for an eye
An eye for an eye
And let the whole world be blind
Track Name: With Bare Hands
In every city the war is raging
With every season we’re cruelly aging
You’ll regret, you’ve let me in
I will thread you on my sting

Old scars, chewed answers
What a farce! Decrepit lancers
Joust in crumpled beds
To face their fate
Age corrodes flesh, but neither love nor hate

Decorate my wall
With your head once more
You are choking, you are roped
You wore a thousand bodies,
But I’m the one always on top

In every city the war is raging
With every season soldiers are aging
It’s too late for snow-white flags
Fury gushes on your legs

Blood red flag

Who are you to hurry us now in our last dance?
When our future trembles on the edge of lance

Let me hear her voice
Let me hear her rattle

Decorate my wall
With your head once more
You moan loud, again in heat
What bayonet won’t finish, the bare hands complete

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