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Lakes of Sacrifice

by Dead Man's Hill

i'm drawn back to it again. i feel this grip upon me and i yield to it. i feel this wave of satisfaction overcome me and i hate it, and am drawn back to it again and again. i feel this slicing cuting strips from me, i feel these chunks fall off, every day i lose a little more and nothing will be the same again. everything is getting better, the world is looking refreshed. the next day will bring this internal warmth that will satisfy every fiber of my being, i'm getting better, the world is better and i hate every single bit of it. fuck them all. but now i feel that satisfactory bliss cutting into me, and making me warm inside. i'm ready to ignore, i'm ready to focus on the important. i'm ready to give it my all, i'm ready to suck it in. i'm ready to feel life again, to experience it all as i should. i feel my desire fade, my desire to let go rise. i need this need, i want this want. everything is on the march towards progress. everything clears itself, everything becomes the same, everything joins together, everything ends. everything is getting better.
Yigael 04:00
Sacrifice 06:32
Eyeball 04:46
Vous-Deux 07:00
Gard Enz 05:46


released: october 20th, 2006

Dead Man's Hill has been brewing and gaining strength in the dark underground of the Belgium Death Industrial scene since 1998. Having released four limited edition full length cdr albums and a split disc, the time has at last come for Dead Man's Hill to reveal his full potential. With Lakes of Sacrifice, his best cd release to date, Dead Man's Hill makes his sound widely available to a North America audience, striking out from Canadian label Bugs Crawling Out of People.

Dead Man's Hill represents the pinnacle of the Death Industrial scene, offering a brilliant blend of militaristic drums, epic orchestrations, and dark sensibilities. Tired of computer constructed sounds? Bored of standard beats? Had enough of bands following simplistic formulas, conforming themselves to be clones of the newest trend? Dead Man's Hill defies these limitations, with a sound that is both classic and renewed; a sound that crosses, combines, and surpasses the subgenres, resulting in a tour de force of industrial, gothic, neo-classical and neo-folk. Lakes of Sacrifice is a powerful entity with a horror movie soundtrack feel; it is classic industrial in the old school way, yet will surprise and reveal something new to the listening audience.

The disc features the incredibly powerful collaborative track "Sacrifice of Subscription" with spoken wordcore artist it-clings and a remix of "Legions of Coldness" by Nick Gorman of Fractured. Mastered by famine.


released October 20, 2006

Music by Bart Piette
Vocals and lyrics on Sacrifice of Subscription by Squid / it-clings
legion of coldness (fractured remix) remixed by Nick Gorman




bugs crawling out of people Toronto, Ontario

With a wide range of music, Canadian Industrial label doesn't follow any trends or style. The point is to release high quality music that goes beyond. From dark ambient, to brutal noise, from EBM to breakcore. Bugs Crawling out of People sees no limit.

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