the new era of big penis begins (ask your pharmacist about katastroslavia mix)

from by it-clings

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oh my dark lord satan, I call to you. oh dear glorious satan! I call to you! satan: corrupter of all things innocent, fucker of all things sacred, sodomizer of the young and the old. all hail this dark prince, this lord of the world; all hail the emancipator, the liberator of the oppressed, the freer of men's minds. blessed be the profane. blessed be this knowledge. blasphemer. heretic. leveller of injustices. accepter of all things. dear lord father. fellow brother. wanderer of the earth. embracing sister/mother. oh ye who is all things. corrupter, instigator, forgiver, punisher, creator, executioner. bless me with your sensations. overwhelm me with your orgasmic fluids. drown me in your inconsistencies. I stand before you, rock n' roller supergod It-Clings, and I metaphorically kneel before your grace. without you I am nothing. with you I am all powerful. they don't call me king of the jews without your blessing. they don't hail me as mother fucking kick ass arch-supremo without your sanctification. I could hardly be the saviour of all mankind without your grace! you are the bestower of all that is enlightened and wise. you, who is the satisfier of all needs, the all-compassionate, the all-vengeful, the knower of all, the divinely ignorant, the creator and the destroyer. I come to you again, oh great one. I come to you with my needs and the needs of these fucking losers everywhere around me. and what do I we what from you this time? money? fucking bitches? guns? big fucking cocks? free booze? lots of imitation swiss watches? pharmaceuticals? oh yeah, pharmaceuticals! pharmaceuticals for all our needs, pharmaceuticals that will make us strong, pharmaceuticals that will make us large, pharmaceuticals that will make us finally overcome our natural inconsistencies. pharmaceuticals that will make us happy, that will make us not care, that will make us ignore everything and allow us to focus. pharmaceuticals that are unlike anything upon this earthly world. this is what we need, oh dear lord of the abyss. and you, who are the ultimate pharmaceutical shall bless us with it, you are the drug that renews its own prescription. these dumb fucks before me may not have embraced your philosophical ideology but I have. oh yes, I have! before you, men used to laugh at me when I used public washrooms. and now who is laughing? you and i, oh my dear black prince! you and i. before you, glorious satan I never scored any ladies, now I've fucked 5 of them this week alone. fucked them. fucked their ass. came all over there face. made them make me breakfast in the morning. you know, put in the extra effort. it just takes a little faith, it just takes accepting the darker path. yes, it is all about giving yourself to evil! I needed a cure? but the cure has been there all along. I just ignored it. I filtered it out of my consciousness. oh sure, I've got some problems, but these problems can and will be washed away. and the serpent whispered to me one night "72% of all women need a larger, thicker penis to reach sexual orgasm". life is too short to live that way. stop the foolishness now. don't hesitate, grab the chance of your lifetime by giving yourself to the evil one. but be assured that the safety and confidentiality of your information is guaranteed. with the devil you are assured prompt delivery, great pricing, personalized service. listen to one of the numerous letters that the devil has personally received from happy customers: "I am satisfied with every aspect of my sexual life and so is my girlfriend. thanks a lot. hail satan!" and how about this one: "with the devil I have enlarged 'my equipment' at last. I don't avoid sexual encounters with women p.s. he also gave me the courage to strangle my mother and carve a gigantic pentagram in my chest with a knife I made from her pelvis." start the new life of success and happiness. here's another: "because of my cock size I have never been able to enjoy sex. I avoided relationships as they only led to frustration. I raped a few children but it never gave me the real satisfaction and I did have to kill them afterwards. but now satan has changed my life. it really works. I even murder less frequently than before because I enjoy my self-confidence now and I love having sex with at least semi-conscious people. thank you so much." no more lonely nights! the new era of big penis begins! satan's goal is to present low cost solutions for anyone. you want happiness at less than 70% the average retail price? you want satisfaction without the wait? women will go mad when you retain your alliance to the devil. what I am telling you about now is context-free living ... living without boundaries! the devil doesn't want to stop you from doing anything; the devil doesn't want to restrain you. it's a free and open market. don't let the naysayers get you down. why pay when you can get it for free. the devil doesn't want much in return. maybe your visa number. but that's all. he doesn't want your soul, he doesn't want your time. he doesn't want you calling him late at night whenever you're all drunk. he wants to help and that's it. give yourself to the evil path! we want to bring you something impressive! all I ask is that you give satan a chance. check it out. don't be shy. check our offer and you will never regret!





bugs crawling out of people Toronto, Ontario

With a wide range of music, Canadian Industrial label doesn't follow any trends or style. The point is to release high quality music that goes beyond. From dark ambient, to brutal noise, from EBM to breakcore. Bugs Crawling out of People sees no limit.

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